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The City of Louisville Fire Department does more than provide fire protection, rescue and EMS services to Louisville residents. Members of the Fire Department are active in the school system, providing Fire Safety Education to all  grade levels. They also perform fire and building inspections and provide trainings for the public.   

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Louisville Fire Department employs 25 Fire Department members who respond on a volunteer basis, but are paid while on call.  One full-time Fire Chief, four Fire Captains, and 20 Firefighters/Emergency Medical Technicians constitute the Department.  General training is received in all areas and groups of individuals are trained in specialty areas, such as hazardous materials and rescue. These courses are in addition to continuing education hours required by the State of Ohio.

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The Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for immediate response to fire and EMS calls. LFD provides basic life support as well as advanced life support services.  Patients transported by EMS are billed to help offset the cost of services.  Ohio Billing,located in Bolivar, is our current third party billing company and handles all EMS billing. Contact Ohio Billing at (330) 874-1140 for any questions in regards to billing.


Youth groups and organizations are welcome to schedule tours of the fire station and speakers are also available. To schedule, please call the Fire Department at (330) 875-2663 at least two weeks in advance of your event.

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